Magnetic Lashes

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The Hepburns: These are perfect for those who want the ease of having lashes without doing anything too crazy. A light fluffy feel for everyday wear.

The Taylors: The Taylors are for those with a little spunk but still like to keep it natural. 

The Campbells: For the boss babes and glam queens out there, these are for you. The Campbells are those drama lashes everyone wants from extensions without the commitment!

*You will need to cut these down to fit your eye shape. Measure your eye by holding your strip to the lash line. Using a scissors, cut as close to the nearest magnet to ensure a seamless application.
Apply a thin layer of the magnetic liner to the lash line, as close to the lashes as possible. Let this dry for 30 seconds to a minute. Once dried, use either your hand or the applicator to apply to the lash line. Hold in place and release for a finished look!

+ Do not apply to lash extensions
+ After removal, use makeup remover to remove the eye liner from the lash line. Depending on the thickness of the liner applied, you may need to scrub a bit.